*This is a SHIT COIN!!

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About $KUSO

Kuso (Jap: 糞,くそ, クソ) means shit in Japanese language. So $KUSO coin (Jap: 糞コイン) is literally a shitcoin. A Japanese-themed shitcoin, to be more precise.

$KUSO is a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and like most other meme coins, $KUSO has no intrinsic value and created purely for shits and giggles.

1 $KUSO = 1 $KUSO.

Deployer wallet: 0x5B56Fb937bA39aB9cddF5027964d31608f325437

Contract address: 0x25C224e29F9Ef26ab31a102C4Ac6551C2aC8B9a2

How to Get $KUSO

Holders of the Kusoyaro NFT collection can claim $KUSO for each NFT held. (Claim was opened for 1 month and officially closed as of 31st May 2023.)

Currently, the only way to get $KUSO is on Uniswap.

Contract Address: 0x25C224e29F9Ef26ab31a102C4Ac6551C2aC8B9a2

Pump this shit.


Max supply: 44,444,444,444 $KUSO tokens.

Allocation: Originally, 11% of max supply is allocated to holders of the Kusoyaro NFT collection. Claim was opened for 1 month. Unclaimed tokens will be sent to burn address.

Liquidity Pool: 88% of the max supply will be added to a liquidity pool on Uniswap (KUSO/WETH) and LP tokens will be sent straight to burn address.

Treasury: Remaining tokens (about 1% of supply) will be held in our deployer wallet for giveaways, staking rewards, or other silly shit for supporting the growth of $KUSO.

Token Tax: 0% buy/sell tax!!


これがシットコインだ!This is a SHIT COIN! So no white paper and no formal roadmap. There may be utility for it, or maybe not. Nothing will change the fact that it’s a shit coin.

There could be some token burn events since shit is technically a renewable energy source that can be burned for power.

HODL or BURN: the choice is yours.